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​​​​​​​​Winery Dogs ...


Hi - my name is Cooper and I am a black labrador retriever. My mom and dad say I'm spoiled , a bit of a diva at times, very smart and I have my own wines called Cooper's Cuvee.  I'm very proud to put my name on each bottle and I pawtograph each one with my BLACKPAW.  My wines are "Best in Show" (bark out loud) and some of my favorites include my BlackPaw Petite Sirah and my Red Collar Rose'.  


Mom and Dad have always had labrador retrievers and you may have noticed a handsome chocolate lab on the back of all of their wine labels.  His name was Trouble (although they tell me he was never any trouble at all).  Trouble was my mom and dad's first fur kid - I never met him but he must have been a pretty special guy for his photo to be on the back of every bottle. Trouble passed over the rainbow bridge at the age of 14 1/2.


In 2017, Oaklee (my brother from another mother), crossed the rainbow bridge at the young age of 7. Oaklee was my best buddy and I really miss him. I tried to teach him how to be a diva - but he was very doggie.  He loved to retrieve, take baths, give kisses and snuggle with mom and dad on the couch. He has health issues since the age of 2 and required a lot of care having multiple surgeries. I miss running and playing with him - and of course doing zoomies in the backyard.

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